常熟市ag环亚集团登录胶带有限责任公司,始建于2000年,专业从事于 电子电工,光电科技, 风电行业等多个相关领域新材料的研发设计与制造,ag环亚集团登录人凭着孜孜不倦的精神, 以科技进步为 先导,同时引进国内外先进的压敏胶生产涂布技术直接为客户提供合适的产品及完善的服务。
  ag环亚集团登录在精密涂布,薄膜涂层和新材料的开发上取得多项工艺 突破和技术专利,为多个行业提供全方位的技术解决方案, 以卓越的品质,精湛的研 发制造技术,优良稳定的产品品质和良好的企业管理服务,多次获得江苏省高新技术 企业的荣誉称号。
  在通过ISO9001和ISO14001的认证基础上, 并且通过UL及SGS等国外机构的相关产品认证,ag环亚集团登录将继续加强质量管理,一如既往地 为广大客户研发新品,不断完善售后服务,竭诚欢迎海内外客户莅临公司考察指导及 各种形式的交流合作,使ag环亚集团登录与时俱进,跟上时代发展的步伐,同时ag环亚集团登录致力于ag环亚集团登录 品牌的营造,将更合理的利用社会资源为制造业提供更经济,更完美的产品和服务--- ag环亚集团登录人以此为使命。

  Changshu Fubang Adhesive Tape Co.,ltd. founded in200,we specialize in new materical development ,design and manufacture for electronic,photoelectric,wind power industry, fubang people depend on indomitable spirit,meanwhile bring in the advanced coating technique to offer the proper product and sevice to the customer.
  Fubang has made many technologies break-through and obtained many patents in the field of precise coating and new matrial,we provide comprehensive technical solutions for many industries,based on excellent quality,exquisite manufacture technology,stable quality and excellent management,we got award the high and new technology corporation of jiangsu province three times.
  Based on the ISO 9001 and ISO14001 management system,our products certificated by UL and SGS organization,we will continue increase the quality management and research new product for the customers,keep going to improve after sale service,we great many customers to our company investigate and communicate,make fabang have a great progress in the future, meanwhile we devote to build the brand of fubang,more reasonable use of social resources for manufacture industry and provide more economical and more perfect products and service---fubang people take as for the mision.


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ag环亚集团登录 常熟市ag环亚集团登录胶带有限责任公司,始建于2000年,专业从事于 电子电工,光电科技, 风电行业等多个相关领域新材料的研发设计与制造,ag环亚集团登录人凭着孜孜不倦的精神, 以科技进步为 先导,同时引进国内外先进的压敏胶生产涂布技术直...

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